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Tourism Research and Data

Snohomish County Research:

Snohomish County Consumer Research Findings:  A random, but weighted, sample of about 5,000 records from a diverse selection of hotels in south, central, and north Snohomish County were analyzed.  Our visitor geographic feeder markets and consumer lifestyles were uncovered.

Snohomish County BrandPrint Visitor Research Segment: North Star conducted more than fifteen pieces of quantitative and qualitative research to identify what differentiates Snohomish County from its neighbors and competitors. By examining the community (stakeholders, residents), consumers (visitors, regional and state officials in tourism) and the competition (neighboring communities), North Star determined a strategy for Snohomish County to assert across all community assets to implement an effective, meaningful and relevant brand.

Snohomish County Brand Platform: The insights learned from the research conducted as part of the branding process is funneled into a single sentence, the brand platform, which can be used as a guide for creative expressions and implementation initiatives ensuring consistency and relevance.

National Research:

US Travel Association 2013 International Visitor Data: Brand USA, the nation's destination marketing organization, released a new study that revealed how its marketing initiatives have inspired more international travel to the United States and how the increased visitor spending is boosting the economy. Until this study was conducted, we had only anecdotal evidence of the program's benefits, but now we know empirically that Brand USA is a huge win for America.

Brand USA Marketing Efforts (February 2014): Brand USA announced that its marketing is having a significant and positive impact on U.S. international arrivals and the U.S. economy, as reported in a study conducted by Oxford Economics.
As detailed in the report, for the year-ended September 30, 2013, Brand USA’s marketing campaigns generated 1.1 million incremental visitors to the United States—a 2.3 percent increase over growth that would have occurred without Brand USA marketing initiatives. These additional visitors spent $3.4 billion in the United States, including travel and U.S. carrier fare receipts.

TI News: International Visitation to the United States and Fast Facts and Key Facts Reports on the Travel and Tourism Industry.

Snohomish County Tourism Bureau Brand Guide

The Snohomish County Tourism Bureau wants to partner with tourism businesses and communities within Snohomish County to promote tourism to our area. The purpose of the Snohomish County Tourism Bureau Brand Standard and Style Guide is to encourage a cooperative effort to promote Snohomish County as a tourism destination and to be consistent with that usage in an effort to create highly recognizable marketing design directed to potential visitors.

We’ve created the brand standards to help you communicate the brand promise in a visual way. Why graphic design standards? It’s simple, really. By establishing and utilizing a uniform graphic presentation, we can work together to present the many attractions and communities in our county in a consistent, coordinated way, and in doing so, build far greater Snohomish County ‘brand awareness’ in the minds of prospective visitors. By maintaining design consistency across all communications, we will differentiate our county and its offerings from the competition and look more professional in the process.

Dean Runyan Report:

Dean Runyan Associates prepares annual travel impacts and visitor volume reports for the Washington Tourism Alliance. Dean Runyan Associates has specialized in research and planning services for the travel, tourism, and recreation industry since 1984. With respect to economic impact analysis, the firm developed and currently maintains a proprietary computer model for analyzing travel economic impacts at the state, regional, and local level.  In 2017, Snohomish County saw a 4.3% increase in visitor spending and ranks third of all counties in Washington State.