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The Schack Art Center presents: Convergene: Contemporary Mex-Xicano Art in the PNW

April 27 – June 3

Main Gallery

Guest curator Dr. Lauro H.Flores, has assembled a collection of artwork that demonstrates the breadth and diversity of expression in contemporary Mexican and Chicano/a artists in this community. Participating artists are: Jose Luis Rodriguez Guerra,George Rodriguez, Arturo Artorez, Fulgencio Lazo, Paul Berger, Jesus Mena Amaya. Dr. Flores is Professor of Chicano and Latin American literatures and cultures at the University of Washington, Seattle.

The exhibit, "CONVERGENCE: Contemporary Mex-Xicano Art in the Pacific NW" will showcase the rich history and art that exists as a result of the Mexican migration to the Northwest.

The curator, Dr. Flores, explains that the common perception of Mexican and Chicano/a art is very limited and that he will be assembling this collection in the hopes of demonstrating the breadth and diversity of expression in contemporary artists in this community. He explains that the works included will “epitomize the diversity of our community and the range of interests and activities that have defined the evolution of a Chicano/Mexican aesthetic expression in the Pacific Northwest over the last sixty years.

Artists Featured in the Exhibit:

Cecilia C. Alvarez

José Luis Rodríguez Guerra

George Rodriguez

Arturo Artorez

Fulgencio Lazo

Paul Berger

Jesús Mena Amaya


Opening Reception April 27th, 5-8 p.m.

Exhibit April 27th - June 3rd, 2017


2921 Hoyt Ave, Everett, WA 987201