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Seattle NorthCountry offers new and exciting adventures for the whole family. Imagine picking a pail of ripe berries from the vine, or spotting the perfect pumpkin from the back of a wagon, or hiking lush trails in the Cascades, or swimming in a peaceful lake or watching your parents loose to you at laser tag. You have permission to make lifelong memories.

The Free Music of Summer

Free music is everywhere during a Seattle NorthCountry summer. We put together a list of sunny weather concert...

The Sea to Sky Road Trip

A weekend drive along Highway 2 in Washington reveals a diner in the middle of a forest, five Sasquatch, and a...

The Case for WhirlyBall

Put three seemingly unrelated sports in a blender and you get “WhirlyBall.” It’s a hybrid of other...

Taste Edmonds

Hailed as one of the top 100 festivals in all of North America, the Taste of Edmonds.

Motel Road Trip

Want to see the true Northwest on four wheels? Here’s where to stop as you cruise along the coast or meander...