SUP in Seattle NorthCountry

SUP in Seattle NorthCountry

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SUP in Seattle NorthCountry

Stand-up Paddleboarding (abbreviated by the hip to merely “SUP”) is an increasingly popular watersport for people who like mild recreation and exertion. It’s a workout that involves balance and core muscle control, but it’s also fun and a way to get out and enjoy a tranquil waterway.

If you’re not into cruising around you can also do yoga on the paddleboard. Balancing on ever-undulating waves is a sure-fire way to build balance and muscle control.

Seattle NorthCountry is a great place to explore lakes, rivers, and even the ocean by paddleboard. The view while you’re out on the water can’t be beat.

Here’s how to get started.



Travelling during the shoulder season? You can paddleboard indoors on the gentle waves of a heated pool at the Forest Park Aquatic Center in Everett.

It’s $25 to take the class, and the fee includes a paddle board rental.

Catalyst also offers trips to Silver Lake, and the Everett waterfront.



You don’t need to be a SUP expert to take a lesson at Hydrology. They offer classes for beginners who are just getting their feet wet.

Hydrology also offers guided exploration of the waterways north of Seattle. You can paddle on Lake Stevens, Everett waterfront, Silver Lake, Mukilteo waterfront.

Classes are easy to take on short notice, they’re affordable and can be great family outing.


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