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Whitehorse Meadows Farm

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We are a family-owned Certified Organic blueberry farm. We grow 3 varieties of highbush blueberries – Spartans, Rubels and Jerseys. We earned organic certification from the Washington State Department of Agriculture in October 2005. This means that we use only organic materials approved by the WSDA, and maintain a farm plan that works to further the health and natural cleanliness of the environment. Organic farming means that "management practices are designed to restore, maintain, and enhance ecological harmony." Organic farms must be re-certified each year and are regularly inspected to insure that organic procedures and ecological protections are being followed. Our goal is provide you with superior grade fruit while enhancing the natural health and well-being of the soils, plants and animals in our environment.

We have u-pick/we pick Spartans, Rubels, and Jerseys. Fresh fruit should be available in mid-July. We will have u-pick fruit at the farm this year subject to weather (no picking when it's raining) and crop availability. Please check our Products page and U-Pick page for fruit descriptions and harvesting dates. You can call our phone line for general information or better yet, visit our Facebook page to check our daily postings.