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When was the last time you climbed a tree?   Come out and ascend high into the canopy of a graceful old Oak or Maple. Learn something new about the ecosystem. Let life slow down, experience "tree time."  As you inch your way up the rope system into the leaves you will experience a tree in a whole new way.  There are lots of reasons to climb from nature lovers to birthday parties everyone will enjoy it. Anyone can climb, choose high or low, fast or slow, it’s up to you.

Mission: Provide a safe, educational and fun way to experience the forest canopy.

Vision: Reconnect people to nature. Inspiring them to make decisions protecting our natural areas and rehabilitating current habitat so that current and future generations can enjoy true wilderness.

Team: These companies are working together to successfully run this company in a safe way.

Certified Arborist Tree Care, LLC
Kirkland, WA
*They will be assessing each tree prior to a facilitated climb to ensure it is a healthy tree to be climbing.

Tree Climbers International
Atlanta, GA
*TCI is the umbrella company which I am trained under. They have an outstanding record of safety with this method of climbing, the same method I will be using to facilitate.

For more information email TreeTimeLLC@yahoo.com.