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Skipley Farm

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Skipley Farm offers Snohomish grown fruit and nursery for market, pick-your-own and CSA. Principally organic, the farm offers local fruit, plants, vegetables, flowers and animal products. The farm has 220 varieties of apples (1700 dwarf trees), a dozen different Seedless Grapes, a field of Blueberries, 20 Cherry trees, 20 Pear, 15 plum varieties, plantings of Kiwi, Raspberry, Blackberry, Black Currant, Gooseberries, Jostaberries and a full nursery of the best that it grows here in Western Washington. Of lesser-known fruit, you may pick Serviceberry from its 300 trees, Aronia, Autumn Olive, Thimbleberry, Elderberry, Cranberry. In future years expect Fig, Shipova, Pear, more strawberries and even more apple varieties like Calville Blanc.