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North Mountain Lookout

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The tower itself is currently CLOSED.  Grassroots effort is hoping to raise funds to restore and maintain with the help of a group of volunteers, similar to what was accomplished with Heybrook Lookout. It is still used as a radio tower with a bunch of antennas on it. 
The road to North Mountain leaves Highway 530 north of Darrington at a sign "Whitehorse Community Park" and "Welcome to Darrington". The Forest Service map shows it as FR 2810 but other trip reports refer to it as road 3000. There are no signs with either number at the start of the road. Some of the side spurs have signs with numbers in the 300X range. The first 2.8 miles of the road are paved, single lane road with turnouts. Sections have even been repaved recently. Pavement ends at 2.8 mi., 1100 ft elevation. For helping other hikers to navigate this maze of logging roads, Following is the distance from Hwy 530 and the approx. elevation of the five hairpin curve switchbacks in the road that takes you to the top of the mountain:
Miles from Hwy 530 Elevation, ft. Direction of turn
6.7 1970 right
7.7 2280 left
8.8 2400 right
10.9 2970 left
11.4 3140 right

Located in T33N R09E, Section 26, SE1/4 , on North Mountain , accessed by road 2810, 4.5 miles north of Darrington.