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Monroe Ursulmas Medieval Fair - January

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Turning Back the Clock a Thousand Years

Spend A Day with A Knight at Ursulmas Medieval Fair.  A wonderful two days full of the fighting styles, archery, arts, and sciences of the middle ages.

Witness feats of courage and chivalry; watch as knights, squires and men at arms, fight in tournaments. Observe the style and prowess of rapier fighters and see great skill at archery and thrown weapons.

Let your interest in the arts lead you on a visit to merchants who carry items every lord and lady might need to live comfortably in their medieval life.  Tour the arts and sciences of the Middle Ages as they are being reproduced. Learn about, and play games from various cultures across these early times.

Observe early period textile skills, and learn how to create beautiful colors, and fine threads from local plants and animals.  See fine hand made goods.  Learn about wood carving and metal forging and smelting, soap and candle making, and nearly any other activity in the daily life of family in the middle ages.

Family friendly, one stop, wondrous step back in time happens at The Evergreen State Fairgrounds, Saturday and Sunday. 

Indoor Equestrian Arena #100 & Grandstands #200