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Mirkwood & Shire Cafe

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Vegetarian/Vegan cuisine. Cafe and pub. Healthy and fresh food. Dine-in or take-out. Breakfast-Dinner. Large parties are welcome. Live music. 

In 2004, owners Anthony and Heather Beck began the project of renovating the 110 year old prior Methodist Church on Division St. in downtown Arlington, now known by many  as the Alamo Building. This historic building had been totally neglected and abandoned for more than 12 years, having last been occupied by a Boys and Girls Club.  The project lasted for over a year, and after much labor, sweat and setbacks the “hellamo”, as Anthony affectionately referred to this  huge endeavor, emerged. Now this magnificent building houses a restaurant & bar, a large area for music, entertainment & gatherings, tattoo & piercing parlor, beauty salon, and Magic “The Gathering” store. The “Alamo” building is once again alive. A place of past memories for many and now open to make more for the future.