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Fairbank Hands-on Pumpkin Farm

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The Fairbank "Hands On" Farm is a working farm in Edmonds. It opens to the public for the month of October. On weekdays in October tour guides give tours to registered school groups and on weekends in October the farm opens for the general public. Farmer Dave and Farmer Janet, with the help of their four children, are the owners and caretakers of the animals. Every spring they plant many pumpkins and vegetables in their garden to be harvested in the fall.

Large variety of farm animals for petting and feeding. Vegetable garden to explore. Hidden Bear Trail to Stamp Maze and Pumpkinland. Admission to U-pick patch is $2 per person. Pumpkins and gourds priced at $.50 and up. Weekday reservations are accepted for school groups.

Those who want to buy pumpkins and see and pet chicks, ducklings, calves, sheep, goats, ponies, pigs, and rabbits are welcome and will enjoy their time at the farm. Upon entering each person receives a cup of animal food they can throw to the ducks and chickens in the chicken run. Parking is free, admission is $2.50 pp. Educational tours given to registered school groups on weekdays in October and April. (Tours must have a minimum of 8 children). In October the focus in on harvest and the children feed pumpkins to the pigs and are able to take a pumpkin home. Fee is $5 per child and adults are free. In April the children feed a baby cow or calf and the focus is on baby animals. The get to pet chicks and ducklings and learn about eggs. Fee is $5 per child, adults free. 

Hours: Open Sat-Sun Oct 2nd - 31st from 10-5pm