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Diamond Knot Brewery and Alehouse

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Diamond Knot Brewing Company is an independent Micro Brewery and Ale House. Live bands most every Saturday night. Cask-beer nights at least once a month.

Fresh seafood and red meat alone or together on a hot granite stone, sizzling on the table in front of you as you mix and finish the meal just the way you like it. Pub-food favorites and a fine selection of wines. Now serving breakfast too.

Open: Mon-Thur 8am-1am; Fri-Sat 8am-2am; Sun 11am-midnight

The story behind the Diamond Knot brand name harkens back to the 1947 shipwreck of the Diamond Knot cargo ship. It is a story of perseverance, tenacity and being resourceful in the face of adversity. Bob and Brian named the brewery Diamond Knot to honor the hard-working and innovative participants of the shipwreck and its salvage, and as a reminder of what is possible when you have dreams and ambition.