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Everett - The Bell Ringer December 15, 2018 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM

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The Bell Ringer is an original Christmas rock experience firmly in the tradition of Trans-Siberian Orchestra. The show will feature former Trans-Siberian Orchestra members: Tim Hockeberry (also an America’s Got Talent Finalist) Jody Ashworth, Michael Lanning, and Val Vigoda (also of Disney Music). They will also be playing a new holiday song co-written by Heart guitarist Roger Fisher and Peter Orullian. Orullian is the composer, lyricist, and producer of The Bell Ringer. The Bell Ringer is the first release from Orullian’s band, Symphony North. The Bell Ringer tells the story of a man, down on his luck, who returns home after thirty years on the road and takes the only job he can find on Christmas Eve—ringing a bell. The story weaves original music with new renditions of classic Christmas carols—everything from intimate ballads to full-blown orchestrations with a rock band and orchestral instruments. Take this original journey to see how one man, in helping those he comes into contact with on a lowly street corner, finds his own sense of self-worth and the meaning inside Christmas ideas of selflessness and charity. There will also be a special encore in which Symphony North plays covers of Trans-Siberian Orchestra tunes with these former Trans-Siberian Orchestra members singing the songs themselves. A portion of proceeds from the show will go to local food-banks. More information at: