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Snohomish - Sky Valley 21st Annual Motorcycle Show May 21, 2017 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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The Sky Valley Motorcycle Show celebrates individual expression along with the history of motocycling in America during May Motorcycle Awareness Month. Admission is free to visitors. Event  proceeds benefit  the Snohomish Food Bank and Senior Center.

The bikes featured at the show are often mechanical marvels that still perform decades after their first ride! We aim to provide a working history of transportation modes and demonstrate an environmental alternative to automobiles. Our exhibitors demonstrate the quality workmanship available in the Puget Sound region, creativity and artistic skill, and industrial design. Through their workmanship we can see engineering developments, such as CNC aluminum billet work and engine performance enhancements,  state-of-the-art paint and finish technology

We celebrate individual expression, stimulate commerce among local motorcycle-related businesses and celebrate the history of motorcycling in America, all while educating the public about motorcycle safety issues.