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Lynnwood - Nightwaves Teen Night May 19, 2018 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM

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8pm - 11pm
Lynnwood Recreation Center
Teens in grades 7th & 8th
$5 with current school ID

Middle school teens look forward to this night all year! Teens can dance to a DJ, swim in the new pool, play games, watch movies, eat tasty snacks, and hang out with friends.

Dress Code is strictly enforced! NightWaves teen nights follow the same dress code as the Edmonds School District which may include (but is not limited to):

    No hats or scarves or beanies
    No short shorts or short skirts (both must be as long as fingers with hands at side)
    No underwear showing (boxers or bra straps)
    No spaghetti strap tops, no tube tops
    No gang apparel or clothing with inappropriate language or images
    No baggy pants
    No chains hanging from pants

Bags, purses and backpacks will be stored for teens participating in the program.

There is no re-entry. If a teen leaves the event they cannot re-enter.

For specific questions please contact Youth/Teen programs at 425-670-5386. If you call the day of the event you will not be able to reach teen programs.